Dear Jenny,

How come whenever something happens that’s really really dramatic people say, “wow, sounds like there is too much ch’i flowing.” Or whenever something bad happens people say, “I will send ch’i your way.”

Is it possible to create ch’i? Is it possible to have too much ch’i? Or what about having too little? Help me understand what this stuff is and how to control it!

Thanks, Athena


Hi Athena,

The definition of ch’i is living energy. That means energy that is alive and actually brings more energy. There are only a few languages in the world that have words meaning living energy. In India, the word is “prana” and in China the word is “ch’i”. It’s great to have as much ch’i as possible, but you want to make sure that it’s not flowing so hard it hits you in the face!

When there is too much ch’i present, things may feel overwhelming, hurried, it might be difficult to make a decision, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling. When there is too little ch’i present, negative things may happen, or nothing will happen, stagnate ch’i is as bad as negative ch’i!

There are basic Feng Shui tools that have been used for thousands of years. Tools to treat, stabilize, enhance, and balance ch’i in the environment. I will list examples of such items that may enhance your home and workplace, bringing about positive change.

  • Mirrors: Mirrors activate, enhance, and circulate ch’i. They correct many problems by enlarging rooms, amplifying existing light, actually rerouting ch’i, changing existing windows and views.
  • Lighting: Lighting is often a quick and easy way to bring additional ch’i into an area with its warmth and illumination.
  • Crystals: Round faceted crystals are used on Feng Shui to balance ch’i that’s moving too fast or too slow for human comfort.
  • Sound makers: Harmonious sound makers, such as wind chimes, wind sculptures, bells, and musical instruments “call in” benevolent ch’i. They summon new opportunities with their appealing sounds.
  • Living things: This category includes all things that require regular maintenance, such as plants, flowers, pets and wildlife.
  • Objects of nature: Objects of nature are those things that don’t require active maintenance and care, such as rocks, pine cones, driftwood, shells, potpourri, and incense.
  • Water features: Interior and exterior water features move and stimulate ch’i.
  • Wind dancers: Whether brightly colored and whimsical, or serious art pieces, “wind dancers” such as mobiles, whirligigs, banners, and flags uplift and invigorate ch’i.
  • Art: Art of all kinds including, paintings, sculptures, collages, and textiles, have a powerful effect on people. The general rule of thumb is that to secure ch’i, art needs to elicit positive images and feelings that relate to the area being enhanced. For example, romantic art is best when placed in the Love area: art that is powerful and dynamic belong in the Wealth, Fame, and Career areas.

I hope this answers your question, Athena. Ch’i is a good thing, but it is living energy and we need to control it so that we don’t have too much or too little!


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